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Get The Most Effective Herbal Products Like Herbal Juice, Herbal Syrup, Pain Oil, Constipation Churn, etc., From Us.

About Us

Staying true to the tradition of using medicinal plants and seeds for preparing health bettering and wellness maintaining products, is no other company but Aadi Baidacharya.

Began with a mere thought of promoting wellness through Ayurveda, today our company has become the most respected manufacturer of Herbal Syrup, Herbal Juice, Constipation Churn and others in the Indian Healthcare Industry that even medicinal practitioners suggest our herbal collection of products to masses for maintaining good well-being. Our herbal offerings such as Subah Swera Churan, 500ml Tulsi Neem Giloy Immunity Booster Blood Purifier Juice, 200ml Livoenzyme Syrup, 500ml Hand Sanitizer and many more are extremely effective to consume. These are made with handpicked plants and seeds and the entire formulation of every batch is examined strictly by our quality controlling team. We have the most dedicated researchers, practitioners and experts to carry out diverse business operations with ease, safety, care and responsibility. 
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Our Pride, Our Team

The satisfaction that comes with receiving right products on right time is experienced by all our customers because of synchronized working of our experts. We are happy to have diligent and smart 40 professionals working at our production plant and handling different processes of production. Every member in our team pays attention to assigned work and ensures it is completed without any hassle, on the right time. Careful and responsible working of every employee in the company, helps us enjoy success with completion of every order. 

Covering Various Health Problems

We at Aadi Baidacharya believe that herbal healthcare products hold the power of bettering health in an impressive manner. So, we use all organically grown ingredients and produce the best herbal products in the form of Syrup, Oil, Juice, Powder, and others. Our wide assortment of herbal products covers numerous health problems such as diabetes, fatty liver, heart related issues, immunity, digestion and many others. Consuming our herbal products is extremely beneficial for eliminating the root of health problems.

Reasons To Deal With Us
  • We offer a huge variety of herbal products such as Herbal Syrup, Constipation Churn, Herbal Juice, and many more.
  • Our herbal range is priced very reasonably for all buyers to make easy investment.
  • We delight customers with our fast service of delivery.